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ATS Establishes Car Pooling Program

Commuting to work can be a tremendous waste of time, strain on the nerves, and drain on the pocketbook. Millions of Americans commute to and from work on a daily basis, and 78 percent of us do so alone. On average, our commutes steal 47 hours of our time every year. And with more and more people choosing to hop in their single-occupancy vehicles to get to work every year, that means more crowded streets. Believe it or not, at current rates, traffic is increasing faster than roads are being expanded -four times as fast!

To support this solo driving habit, the average American household spends upwards of 18 percent of its income yearly on fuelling its vehicles. In total, US drivers travel the equivalent of 734 billion miles every year to and from work - that's 27 percent of the total miles driven nationwide. According to the Commute Cost Calculator, a daily 35-mile round trip solo commute with gas costs at current highs like $4.50/gallon will add up to nearly $1,200 annually.

And the costs aren't just financial. Every year, American households, each with an average of two mid-sized vehicles, emit more than 20,000 pounds of carbon dioxide - that's 20 percent of US greenhouse gas emissions just for driving our cars! Carbon dioxide is the major greenhouse gas responsible for our current climate change challenge. It's a huge problem that we can help to solve.

At ATS, we're supporting our employees by providing incentives for those willing to make some adjustments in their commuting routine. In particular, we want to encourage our employees to carpool to work-programs which have been a proven success in other companies across the country. To accomplish this, we've assigned some choice parking spots for those who coordinate their commute with other employees, sharing a ride to and from our offices on a daily basis.

The benefits to our employees are financial, environmental, and emotional. Some of our employees are already reporting economic boons from carpooling, saving anywhere from $100 to over $200 every month! The emotional strain is also relieved, since carpoolers are able to enjoy high occupancy vehicles (HOV) lanes, the company of their colleagues, and respite from the hassle of driving alone in unfriendly traffic.

And of course, with every person choosing to carpool, we've helped to remove one vehicle from the daily commute, too. Fewer vehicles on the road means less road infrastructure required. This saves our society money and reduces the materials needed to expand and repair our roads. But more than that, the stats show that each carpooler averts 790 pounds of greenhouse gases are annually. Together with our employees, we're reducing ATS's overall carbon emissions and working to be part of the greater solution.

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