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Green Policy Our nviromental practices work for a better planet.

ATS EcoSolutions Achievements

Rising fuel costs and growing climate change concerns have lead many companies to begin to incorporate efficiency standards as part of overall risk assessment strategies. But more than that, at ATS, we want to be a leader in corporate environmental responsibility. Our EcoSolutions Environmental Policy Statement provides a foundation for our growing eco-initiatives, the most promising of which are detailed below.

Increased efficiency through the Partnership Program

At ATS, we're committed to reducing our consumption of fossil fuels whenever possible, which is why we've joined the US Environmental Protection Agency's Partnership Program.

The truck transport industry, along with rail transport, contributes 350 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year by burning over 35 billion gallons of diesel fuel, a number expected to rise to 45 billion by 2012. But carbon dioxide isn't the only offending emission diesel also produces nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. All of these emissions collectively contribute to smog formation, serious health problems, and climate change.

The goals of the program are simple:

  • spacerCut fuel consumption from trucks delivering freight.
  • spacerReduce noxious emissions like carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and nitrogen oxides.
  • spacerRealize lower operating costs as a result of fuel savings.

The program requires ATS to evaluate and monitor our operational performance through the Freight Logistics Environmental Energy Tracking (FLEET) Performance Model. This forms a base for our plan to set and monitor realistic goals for increasing the fuel efficiency of our fleet (which is 45 percent owner-operated and 55 percent company-operated) within three years.

We hope to save the equivalent of up to 150 million barrels of oil annually, which is like taking 12 million cars off the road and saving $10 billion every year.

Slowing down to cut fuel consumption

Educating even the most experienced of drivers on simple techniques for decreased fuel consumption can go a long way. Easy driving habit changes like slowing down, using cruise control, and up-shifting at the lowest possible rpm can reduce fuel consumption by 5 percent or more, eliminating nearly eight metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per truck. ATS is encouraging all of our drivers to learn these driving efficiency techniques, and has recently implemented a policy that sets our truck speeds at a maximum of 65 mph. Even though some of these strategies will reduce the company's overall efficiency, combined, these small changes will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption.

Eliminating tractor idle time

Unnecessary idling can add significantly to fuel costs. That's why we've begun to equip our trucks with automatic shut-down systems. These electronic devices are capable of shutting off the engine after a 15 minute idle period and are being installed in all of our van trucks.

Cutting downtime energy consumption through APUs

Our company currently has close to 150 heavy haul trucks in our fleet, many of which remain idling for in-cab comfort during the 10+ hour rest periods required of all our drivers. During these times, drivers will use their engines to provide heating and cooling, light, and to operate in-cab amenities.

ATS has installed APUs or auxiliary power units (also known as APEs, or auxiliary power equipment) in many of our heavy haul trucks. These units require only about 0.3 gallons of fuel per hour, which is a 70 percent reduction compared to the 1 gallon/hour used by the truck's engine. This results in fuel savings between 10 and 20 gallons per day. These units also extend the life of the engine and increase maintenance intervals.

Reducing out-of-route miles

The shortest distance between two points is always a straight line, but there are times when a driver needs to make a detour. We wish to support our employees by giving them the flexibility to travel for emergencies and other unforeseen events but want to do so without compromising our company's EcoSolutions Environmental Policy.

As a result, we are working to reduce our out-of-route miles ,those trips that take our trucks on less efficient routes. We're accomplishing this by encouraging our employees to deliver their loads first, and then using more fuel efficient transportation methods to get them to their personal destination.

Producing less waste

ATS is working with our customers, staff, and suppliers to develop environmentally-preferable purchasing standards and practices. As part of this initiative, we're:

  • spacerCutting internal and external paper consumption by using electronic communication and
    spacerpresentation tools whenever possible.
  • spacerPrinting all materials on paper that contains at least 50 percent post-consumer recycled content.
  • spacerRecycling paper, trash metals, and plastics.
  • spacerProducing promotional materials using only vegetable-based inks.

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