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Green Policy Our environmental practices work for a better planet.

ATS EcoSolutions Environmental Policy Statement

Recognizing that our work has both direct and indirect effects on the environment, ATS is committed to reducing our impact while educating and empowering our employees and clients to make more environmentally responsible choices.

We're constantly exploring ways to limit our eco-footprint by working to identify, measure, and report on the environmental impact of our ATS facilities, operational policies, and business practices in order to develop proactive guidelines for reducing any detrimental effects we may have on the health, safety, and wellbeing of the planet.

ATS EcoSolutions Environmental Policy Statement:

ATS aims to be one of the leading global transportation companies that
provides an optimal balance between our impact on the environment
our customers' service expectations,
the economic needs of our companies and employees,
employee health and well-being,
and our corporate social responsibility.

We make every effort to understand and adhere not only to the letter, but also the spirit of environmental laws and regulations pertaining to our business. Our aim is to exceed required levels of compliance wherever feasible.

As such, we've chosen to make environmental responsibility part of our corporate business operating philosophy, starting with these goals:

Emissions reductions

Our fleet's vehicle emissions present the most significant environmental challenge for ATS, making it the area with the highest potential for improvement. We therefore commit to conduct or support research on the environmental impact of heavy haul truck transport and related emissions. Implementing fuel efficiency standards, modifying our vehicles, and training our employees on the best driving practices are all part of the practical steps we are already taking to make these solutions a reality.

Waste minimization

Going beyond the road, we are working on sensible options for reducing the waste created by our day-to-day operations. Our goal is to find ways to minimize the creation of waste in our offices and on the road, and then disposing of any waste we do create in an environmentally-safe manner through a Reduce-Reuse-Recycle program. We've begun to implement this strategy already by making more environmentally-preferable purchasing choices and developing company-wide recycling programs.

Environmental education

We realize that we can only succeed with the help of our ATS employees. To garner their support, we will provide in-depth education on the fundamental principles of our EcoSolutions Policy, as well as provide them with practical information and tools to implement structured environmental improvements in their everyday work and in their home lives. We will also develop employee forums to obtain feedback and ideas in order to stimulate new ATS EcoSolutions ideas, encourage feedback, and recognize innovative solutions. This EcoSolutions website is the first step in making this environmental education possible.

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