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Having a cushy office job can be fun, but the one downside is that you don’t move around too much. While you can always work out in your free time, it may not be enough, or you may not have enough time to do so. When you’re pulling an all-nighter on a project, you may not consider moving much.

Too much sedentary life can lead to various health problems. Plus, a lack of exercise can make it harder to work. You may feel less energy or focus, and it may worsen your mood.

One solution is to download apps that remind you to move around or exercise a little. Let’s look at some apps that can get you moving.

Types of Apps

There are two types of moving apps that we’ll discuss in this post. They are…

Reminder Apps

These remind you to move. When you’re immersed in working, you may forget to do so, especially if you’re someone who has trouble reminding yourself.

While phones and computers have reminding programs built-in, these apps make it much easier to customize, and some of these apps can remind you in a way that’s less annoying.

Workout Apps

These apps give you a list of workouts you can do. They usually allow you to customize your workout to the best of your ability as well. Some workout apps have a reminding feature as well.


This one is for Mac and Windows, and it’s free. This is a mindfulness app that sounds a gentle gong whenever you set up a timer. It allows you to be aware of the present and gives you a gentle incentive to keep moving.

That’s one appealing app! Too many reminder apps are nagging and obnoxious, causing you to click the uninstall button. However, this one is the opposite.

Break Time

This app is for iOS or Android, with the price dependent on which version you pick. It’s one of those apps that’s quite simple to use as well. It sets up alerts to tell you when to take a break and move around.

Your phone has a reminder system built-in, but this one is much easier to use and adjust.


This is a free app that’s for phones and computers. This is a motivational app that sends you workouts, gives you guidance, and gives you feedback. Who doesn’t love a personal trainer in your pocket, or behind the computer screen?

Not only is it a good workout app, it helps you move by being a little social network, where you can talk to other people like your friends, who can keep you motivated. It’s a lovely little app.

Pocket Yoga

This $3 app for various systems is quite nice. As you may know, yoga is amazing for physical and mental health, and this app is great if you’re a newbie or you’re still fairly new to it. You can look at poses, get a workout plan, choose the sessions, and you’ll feel like you have a yoga instructor even if you haven’t gone to a single yoga class. 


This is an iOS app that reminds you to stand up and take a break. However, this is more than a simple reminder app. This app also gives you some exercises to try. When you’re in the office, it’s not exactly a gym, but there are some simple exercises you can perform. This app can help you do them.

Stand Up!

This is an iOS app that’s less than a dollar. It’s another reminder app, but it’s easily customizable. Sometimes, your work schedule can change, and this app will allow you to keep up with the changes.

Stretching Exercises

This free app for Android helps you with stretching. As you may know, stretches can make your muscles more limber, make you flexible, help relieve stress, and reduce pain. This is especially good if you’re working all day. Stretches are short, easy, and can keep you going. Try them out and see what we mean.


This is an app that you can purchase, but there’s also a free version. It sends you personalized workouts. It’s easy to find workouts, see if you like them, and add them to your routine. Give it a go, and you’ll be happy you did.

Time Out

If you’re looking for an app that’s in your face, this Mac app can help you. You set the reminder, and once you’re reminded, your screen will dim and text appears. You can customize the text to say whatever you want. After the time ends, the screen goes back to normal.

It’s a forceful app, but it’s good if nothing else seems to work for you.


Practice at Home

Some of these exercises, such as yoga poses, can take a while to master. When you learn them, you can get the most benefits out of them. However, when you’re working, you may have problems figuring them out in time. Practice during your free time.

Look for a Standing Desk

If you work from home, a standing desk may help you. As the name implies, it’s a desk you can stand in front of and work at. It allows you to get the blood pumping and makes it so that you aren’t sitting all day. These have become more and more popular of late, and we can see why. If you can change the desk in your home, it’s worth trying.

Don’t Go too Hard

With working out, you don’t need to do 100 push-ups. Just do enough to keep the blood pumping and give you some energy. Save the tougher workouts for outside of work or at the gym. If you’re new to working out, you’ll be glad you did.


Moving around is always important. While you may like your cushy job, you need to remember to get the blood pumping every now and again. Your mind and body will thank you for it later. Trust us when we say that’s important.

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