The Best Desk Exercise Equipment in 2020

If you work a job where you’re sitting at a desk all day, it has its advantages, but it has its disadvantages as well. Being on your feet all day in a back-breaking job in the sun isn’t exactly good for your body, but neither is not using it at all. If you want to prevent weight gain, keep your energy levels up, prevent back pain, and sweat a little while you do your work, desk exercise equipment can be a game-changer.

Here are five pieces of exercise equipment for the office that can get yourself moving

What Should I Look for When Buying Desk Exercise Equipment?


This is a piece of equipment you’re going to bring to work, so it should be small enough to carry around and put under the desk. Even if you work from home, portability is always a plus. All desk exercise equipment should be easy to carry around for most people.


Being smaller, you want to make sure that the device can take hours of use every day. Most desk exercise equipment is well-made, but you have the occasional dud.


With a piece of exercise equipment, being able to adjust the intensity to give you a more or less strenuous workout is important. For example, an under desk elliptical may allow you to increase the resistance.

A Good Value

Being smaller, these aren’t going to cost as much as something at the gym. However, you also don’t want to purchase anything that seems too good to be true. Review the cost and see if it fits in your budget, but also make sure you aren’t buying something too cheap.

Targets Multiple Parts

Because you don’t want to bring the entire gym to the office, look for something that will target multiple parts of your body. Obviously, you can’t find an all-in-one, but there are pieces that can work for multiple parts. For example, free weights can do a lot.

Tracks Stats

While not every machine needs this, a good bike or elliptical should list the stats, such as calories burned, steps taken – the list goes on. They will typically use LCD monitors that are powered by your own movements, requiring no batteries. This can help you be on the track to lose weight.

Good Customer Support

Finally, it’s important to look for a product that has customer support that clearly stands behind their product. From a strong warranty to excellent customer service should something go wrong, go with a company that provides. Workout machines, even the cheaper ones, are an investment, and you want to make sure it will keep up with your lifestyle throughout the years.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best desk exercise equipment

#1: DeskCycle (Best Value – All-Purpose)

The number one piece of exercise equipment for the office is one that you can slide under the desk and use while you’re sitting. One of the greatest pieces of equipment for that is an exercise bike or under desk elliptical you can slide under your desk. This one is small enough to fit low desks, yet strong enough to handle heavy use.

If you want a tough workout, there are 8 settings, allowing you to have an intense or a light workout. It uses magnetic resistance to give you a tough workout while being quiet enough so it doesn’t disturb others.

Some mini exercise machines don’t have much for tracking, but this one has an LCD monitor that gives you plenty of stats, with an online calorie calculator included as well.

This office bike has had positive reviews. Plenty of users have found that they’ve lost tons of weight as they work in the office, and most like its portability and compactness. Most say that it is well worth the price.

However, there are a few negative reviews. Most center around people getting noisy duds. However, the customer service seems responsive and is willing to help anyone fix their bikes.

#2: Flexispot Deskicise (Best Machine)

If you work from home, as many more people are doing, you may want to look at your desk itself. Many people are using the standing desk (which means that you throw away the office chair) for standing up and being on your feet a little more.

However, if you want a little more exercise, why not a desk that’s an exercise bike? That’s right. Rather than having an elliptical under desk, your desk is the machine.

This desk is available with or without a desktop. If you’re working on a laptop, we recommend it with the desktop. The pedaling system is quiet, meaning the sounds won’t get in the way of your workout. It also adjusts so that it can accompany most heights.

Reviews have been mostly positive, with reviewers saying that this is the perfect way to stay fit in your home office. This desk, according to them, makes work fun and keeps the legs moving.

Negative reviews mostly center around people getting duds, or the desk being a little wobbly. One reviewer said the desk was a little loud, but they managed to get a replacement that works just fine.

Overall, this is one of the best standing desks around if you want the ultimate office jogging experience. Get it if you want to revolutionize your desk.

#3: Strongtek Balance Board (Best Balance Board)

Having a balance board or a balance ball can help with many things. If you use it a little bit before sitting in your office chair, it can improve your mind and body and can give you some energy to go throughout the day. There are many balance boards available, but if you want the best office workout, this is one of the best to get.

This is an easily portable balance board that has a massaging surface. As you stand on it, it can help with your sore feet. It also is anti-slip and is easy to put under a desk or use with a standing desk. It can support up to 320 pounds as well, making it good for most users.

There are cheaper balance boards out there, but if you want quality, this is the best desk exercise board for you. Reviews have been extremely positive. Most reviewers say that this is a high quality board that is easy to use, with plenty of strength training benefits.

Some reviewers did say that it wasn’t challenging enough. However, for desk exercise equipment, it doesn’t have to be too impactful.

#4: Amazonbasics Dumbbells (Best Low Cost)

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Working your legs and lower body is important, but what about your arms? Some quick lifting exercises can allow your arms to prepare for the day ahead. Small dumbbells can make that easy to do. High-intensity exercises can make a little weight go a long way.

Dumbbells can be expensive, but Amazonbasics are fairly cheap and come in a pair. The price can depend on which pair you buy, but we believe the 5 pound pair is the perfect balance of value, impact, and portability.

These dumbbells are vinyl and come in a cool blue color. Their design allows you to grip onto them without any worry about dropping them. One downside is that we believe you should be able to pick from more colors, but that’s a small complaint.

Reviews of these weights have been positive, with most people saying that they’re great for a mini exercise and are easy to use. Weights are hard to mess up, after all.

The negative reviews are in the minority. Most center around the grip, saying it’s too big for small hands. However, some small-handed people had no problem with them, so it all depends. Order them and make sure to return them within the appropriate timeframe, if you are in the small-handed camp.

#5: Sunny Stepper (Best Stepper)

A stepper is a portable machine that emulates the feeling of climbing up steps. This one is great if you have a standing desk and you want something to enhance it or if you want to take a break from work and get your feet moving. The Sunny Stepper helps to improve your thighs and buttocks with its twist action, and it does have a resistance knob, too. Being heavy-duty, it has a high weight limit and is resistant to slipping.

Also, this one has an LCD as well, which can track various stats. When you want to stay fit, this can help.

Reviews have been positive. Most people say that this is an excellent machine for office work and beyond, helping them to lose weight and keep toned. Negative reviews mostly center around duds or around people who felt pain after using it improperly. However, these were in the minority. If you want to improve your day at the office, get this stepper.

What About the Cheapies? Our Best Products Under $X

Working out can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some cheap pieces of equipment for your work day at the office.

#1 Best Under $25: Stamina Cycle

This is a cheaper exercise bike. It’s a little more flimsy, and it’s not as elaborate as the more expensive office bikes, but if you need something cheap, this one does work fine. Reviews are mostly positive, with some saying that it provides a nice workout during a work day, while others say it’s a case of “you get what you paid for.”

#2 Best Under $16: XPRT

This is a wooden balance board, going for less than most types of balancing equipment, be it a board or a balance ball. Reviews have been quite positive, with most saying it works well for keeping their balance in check every day. Whether it’s for the office of for home, check this out.

#3 Best Under $11: Thigh Toner

If you want to work out your thighs without spending too much, this is for you. Put it between your thighs while you work to help with toning. Reviews are mostly positive, but some say it could be tougher.

Can you Actually Lose Weight with a Desk Cycle?

If you make your lifestyle more active, you’re going to burn more calories, thus lose more weight. An under the desk elliptical or cycle is going to keep your feet moving while you’re doing your work, meaning you have a good chance of losing weight.

Of course, diet plays an important part as well. If you are more active, and you decide to reward yourself with a bigger serving of fries, it may undo your extra work.

Some cycles will track your calories burned and the intensity of the workout, allowing you to factor that into your overall diet. This will allow you to decide if you need to increase the intensity to get better results.

Verdict: Your Best desk exercise equipment 

We pedaled furiously on our bikes, stretched the resistance bands as far as possible, and then rocked in the ball chair to find the best workout equipment for your day at the office. Now, it’s time to summarize.

If you want the best overall, get the Deskcycle. This is a bicycle you put under the desk. It should work for most setups, and it can track your stats with ease, allowing you to see how many calories you burned. It’s a sturdy piece of machinery, yet it’s quite portable too. Overall, this should work for most needs.

The Deskicise is the best machine overall. It’s a bike that doubles as a chair for the office, with you easily putting your laptop or mouse on the desktop. If you want a chair that will keep you moving and don’t want a true standing desk, we say that this one is well worth checking out.

Third, we have the Strongtek Balance Board. A good balancing board can help you throughout your day, from improving your mind to preventing back pain. This is one of the best boards, giving you balance and massaging your feet in the process. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Fourth, there are the AmazonBasics Dumbbells. This is a simple pair of dumbbells for a fair price. You can easily carry them around for your day at the office and pump some iron before you get to work. They are available in different sizes, with five pounds being good for most people who work.

Finally, we have the Sunny Stepper. This is a stepping machine that keeps your feet moving and is great if you like to stand while working, or if you need a break.

Of course, there are many more we could have chosen. Honestly, anything small or portable works for the office. In these times, it’s important to keep yourself strong and fit. Not just for losing weight, either, but to keep yourself alert, sharp, and ready to take on that new project.

We hope we provided you with some good suggestions if you’re looking for work or home fitness. Good luck with your search and we hope you succeed in both work and fitness.

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